About me

Me, my work & my talks

Since 2013 I’m head of the Open Science Lab at TIB, the German National Library of Science and Technology. I give many invited talks and keynotes each year on scholarly online practices and related stuff. I’m involved in a number of successful proposals for third party funding through the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG). I am part of both state-funded as well as non-profit initiatives dedicated to better understand the impact of the digital revolution on research, libraries and cultural heritage organizations. Let’s talk!   LH@wikify.org

 You may follow me on Twitter — I’m @Lambo!


My Writing

I’m an author at

I have profiles at a few other services as well. Feel free to connect with me there, although I don’t check in there too often. I use ORCID to keep my publication record updated, and Twitter to say what recently grabbed my attention, that’s about it.

Involvement in state-funded initiatives and events — and in some quiet unusual non-profit things

  • Fachgespräch “Digitalisierung der Wissenschaft” (expert discussion on the digitization of scholarship) of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (2016, invited participant)
  • Monitoring Open Science Trends in Europe (2016, invited participant of an expert focus group)
  • Book sprint CoScience (2014, initiator)
  • Open Access Week Hannover (2009-2012, co-organizer)
  • iCamp12, the first InfoCamp in Switzerland, at HTW Chur (2012, co-organizer)
  • Session “Open Government Data” CeBIT 2011 (initiator & co-chair — an outcome of my activity as a member of the “Media Economy Summit” working group of the Minister for Economics, Labour and Transport of Lower Saxony, Jörg Bode)
  • 1. BibCamp (library barcamp), Berlin (2008, co-initiator)

 Peer review for conferences & journals

 Education and employment before starting the Open Science Lab in 2013

  • 2008-2012 subject specialist on economics at the TIB/UB Hannover, amongst other things responsible for digital publishing & research information projects with Leibniz University of Hannover
  • 2005-2007 Bibliotheksreferendariat (librarian traineeship for post-graduates): practice at Free University of Berlin, theory at Humboldt University of Berlin
  • 2004-2005 DFG-projects at University and State Library, Münster
  • 2004 social scienctist M.A., Leibniz University of Hannover

Core areas of my current work

A central theme of my work is cultivating, developing & communicating open science practices within libraries. Helmholtz association interviewed me on that in 2014, in german.

Scholarly practices of writing, networking, archiving, publishing, and communicating that pique my interest

  • Individual and collaborative writing methods, e.g. book sprints, and tools, e.g. Etherpad, Pandoc and LibreOffice.
  • Researcher networks, e.g. ResearchGate — which as a scholarly practice is closely related to CRIS, from my point of view.
  • Personal digital archiving, e.g. with Dropbox and OpenCloudMesh, as well as (social) reference management, e.g Zotero and BibSonomy.
  • Open Access publishing and “self archiving”, e.g. arXiv. Wikimedia video interviewed me on that in 2014, in german.
  • Scholarly communication in web native media, like blogs and blog community platforms, Twitter, StackOverflow, Slack etc.

I like Jeroen Bosman’s and Bianca Kramer’s point of view regarding the individual toolchains that scholars build across the spectrum of the research cycle.

Some further, not (entirely) scholarly work related areas of interest

 About this website

This website, “Biblionik”, was my main weblog 2011-2013. You still find everything in the blog archive, including Thesen zur Publikationsberatung (2012), Sacherschließung in und mit der Wikipedia (2010) and Green Road 2.0 (2009).  Some of my recent blogging activities happen on my employers blog, the TIB|Blog (often in English as well).